Join NSF in Celebrating World Food Safety Day 2022

June 7 marks World Food Safety Day. In honor of this day, we asked our team, “What does food safety mean to you?”

Today, June 7, marks World Food Safety Day, an annual event hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to spread awareness about food safety. This year’s theme is “Safer food, better health,” and focuses on the essential role that safe food plays in human health and wellbeing.

In honor of this special day, we asked team members from NSF’s Global Food Division, “What does food safety mean to you?” Check out our video showcase below to hear what they had to say.

“Food safety is mission-critical to our efforts at NSF to protect and improve public health,” said Sarah Krol, Senior Managing Director of Global Supply Chain Food Safety. “From individuals to multinational corporations, increasing and improving hygiene practices across the board directly reduces the spread of foodborne illnesses. This results not just in healthier communities, but also in stronger, more sustainable economies.”

NSF’s Global Food Division is committed to supporting food safety through each of its focus areas, including:

  • Food Safety, Quality and Risk Management: Our extensive suite of food safety and quality services spans every link from farm to fork including certification, testing, training, auditing and regulatory compliance.
  • Food Consulting Solutions: Our world-class strategic and technical consulting experts deliver customized solutions to businesses in areas including risk assessment, regulatory and label compliance, food fraud, behavioral food safety and crisis management.
  • Food Safety, Quality and Standards Training: Our skilled trainers, subject matter experts, instructional designers, eLearning developers, operations professionals and partners provide up-to-date knowledge on food safety through a variety of training programs.

Share your own food safety story by posting a video on social media, tagging NSF and using the hashtag #WorldFoodSafetyDay. Learn more by attending one of the many online events taking place around the globe.

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