Supplier and Compliance Management

Reduce the risk of supplier-driven quality defects and recalls with standardised supplier approval processes and document tracking.

Build a network where all your suppliers are as good as your best performers.

With NSF’s TraQtion software, you can view supplier metrics, create scorecards and rate facilities to encourage data-driven supplier reviews.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce your admin overhead with proactive supplier management
    Suppliers use an online portal to register, upload documents, complete questionnaires and communicate with your quality team.
  • Reduce the risk of noncompliance
    An intelligent compliance engine detects potential issues by comparing supplier information against your requirements.
  • Assess your risks
    Configurable supplier questionnaires collect information to assess your compliance risk. Risk ratings help identify facilities storing at-risk products.
  • Analyse trends and performance
    Scorecards and dashboards mean you can grade suppliers by compliance risk. Schedule data-driven supplier performance reviews so you can prioritise continuous improvements, strengthen relationships and encourage all suppliers to strive for better performance.
  • Manage documentation and version control
    Improve version-controlled record keeping and global document searches from audits, contracts and insurance. Suppliers upload their documents online, prompted by auto reminders.
  • Collaborative online environment
    Gain supply chain visibility and transparency, managing suppliers and facilities in a single collaborative solution.

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