Dean: Inspired by Purpose

Meet Dean, Talent Acquisition Manager, based in China. He helps NSF identify, attract and hire the best candidates to serve our clients.

"Diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to NSF and this really appeals to me."

My responsibility is to help NSF get the best talent externally and internally. My job is interesting. I’m always keen to learn new things, and I’m learning all the time.

When I speak with candidates during interviews, I discover many things about them, but also their sector, industries and companies. This means I’m always building up my market knowledge.

The most enjoyable part of my job is getting to talk with candidates from many different backgrounds. It makes me more knowledgeable about the world. Every role I recruit helps NSF’s clients, even though I don’t work with clients directly.

NSF is a global company and it gives me the opportunity to work on projects with colleagues from all over the world. I communicate with colleagues in multiple countries, and I have teammates in Thailand, Korea and India.

The word “energy” best sums up what I bring to my work. My first task at NSF was to fill an important role, and I helped the division find a great person for the job. When we filled this position, NSF gained the capability to give technical support to customers and increase valuable business with local clients. Making such a difference so soon after I got my job was a big achievement for me.

A traditional talent acquisition manager would just fill the position and hit the KPI of so many positions in a month. But working for NSF, you also need to bring market information to the business and understand how to build teams.

At NSF, I am cared for and encouraged. When I face challenges, I’m supported by my manager and my colleagues in finding solutions. I have built trust and a good relationship with the Food division at NSF, and I’ve helped them fill some critical positions in the last year.

When you value the company culture and know what you’ve contributed is recognized by others, that feels good.

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