NSF Selected by Watercoolers Italy as Its Sole Approved Bottled Water Inspection Body

NSF has been selected by Watercoolers Italy (WI) as its sole approved inspection body to perform annual audits of WI member companies. The WI audit program is based on the Watercoolers Europe (WE) Code of Good Hygienic Practice and is a key driver in assuring members deliver high quality products to the market.

Members of WI, which consist of bottlers and distributors of bottled water and plumbed-in watercoolers, must undergo annual plant inspections by an independent, recognized third-party organization. The inspections cover all areas of plant operations from source to finished product, and confirm the members’ conformance with the requirements of the European Code.

NSF’s experience in the bottled water industry in Europe and around the world results in unmatched expertise in auditing bottled water facilities, equipment, processes and sanitation.

We are delighted to work with WI members to achieve improved operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

WI President Marzia Mariotti said, “Last year Watercoolers Italy started a phase of revival with the purpose of creating more activities for its members. These actions aimed to grow the membership base by providing higher quality services.This agreement with NSF is a first step and WI is very proud to offer its members an audit that will give added value to their business.”

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