Supply Chain Integrity

Take a comprehensive look at sustainability. Let NSF engage suppliers across your supply chain and help you enable them to work better with you.

Prioritise environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, mitigate extended environmental and social risks, and measure progress toward your sustainability goals. Our global experts can work with you and your suppliers to address:

  • Benchmarking: Let us conduct an analysis of the sustainability supply chain practises being implemented by peers or championed by industry leaders, and better understand how you compare and identify your goals. This often pairs with a broader look at corporate strategy.
  • Policies and protocols: Based on benchmarking and a clear understanding of your goals, NSF experts develop supply chain protocols or standards to codify your organization’s sustainability practises. This can include purchasing policies, supply chain Integrity programmes and more.
  • Assessing compliance: We can help measure supply chain partners’ compliance with established sustainability policies, protocols and/or standards. Methodology includes virtual or in-person auditing, self-assessments and other means that fit your business.
  • Global impact tracking: Simplify the monitoring of ESG in your supply chain. Our cloud-based TraQtion™ management software allows you to easily track and measure results and progress across customised ESG indicators.

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