NSF/ANSI 49 Biosafety Cabinet Field Certifier


Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Course Overview

This 7-day course (4½ -day class + 2½ day exams) exam testing session is designed for individuals in under resourced regions outside of the USA & Canada to attain knowledge of the Standard 49 Class II Type A Biosafety Cabinet (BSC) field Certification process along with information form EN 12469, includes hands-on training.

The course enables participants to take the NSF Biosafety Cabinet Field Certifier – Basic program accreditation exams and convey the meaning and value of NSF/ANSI/49 Biosafety Cabinet Field Certification to their customers. This class and accreditation can be used as a stepping stone to future Enhanced accreditation.

Course participants will learn*:

  • Trainer and attendee introductions
  • Program eligibility
  • Global issues
  • Enhanced and Basic accreditation differences
  • Risk assessment with different BSL levels
  • Infectious routes of transmission
  • Types of decontaminations and decontaminants
  • HEPA filter basics
  • Types of BSCs (Class I, IIA,A1,A2 & III)
    • Airflow directional flow within the Class I & II BSCs
  • BSC Installation recommendations
  • Test equipment calibration intervals
  • Thermal anemometer setting and altitude correction theory.
  • Downflow velocity
    • NSF
    • EN-12469
  • Inflow Velocity
    • Constricted Method
    • Exhaust filter method
  • Calculating airflow volumes
  • BSC airflow balancing
  • Effects of blower adjustment
  • Effect of exhaust damper adjustments
  • Aerosol generator theory
  • HEPA filter leak testing
  • Airflow pattern tests
  • Site installation tests (those applicable to Type A1 & A2 BSCs only)

The registration fee for this 7-day course and accreditation exam testing session is $2960.00 USD which includes the course handouts, refreshments, and lunch.

Who Should Attend
Those individuals desiring the knowledge to test and verify Class II Type A BSCs are working properly in BSL1, BSL2 BSL3 facilities, Biomedical laboratories, University laboratories, hospital laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing and dispensing, Cleanrooms, and other locations where BSCs are utilized.


Minimum of High School education or equivalent and the class is open to individuals from under resourced countries outside of the USA and Canada.

Retesting Process

If the examinee is eligible to retest during this testing session, there is a $250.00 fee which will be invoiced after completion of the exams. Accreditations achieved after a successful retest will not be processed until the invoice is paid.

*NSF does not guarantee that individuals will pass the written and practical exams for accreditation.