Municipal Water Systems and Products

Have your municipal water products and systems thoroughly tested and certified. This includes everything from water storage tanks and reservoirs to water meters and individual components.

NSF ensures compliance with local regulatory requirements for your municipal water products and systems across North America and key global markets, including the UK, France, Italy, Germany, and Brazil.

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Drainage Products Certification
Achieve global compliance by testing and certifying your drainage products to the highest industry standards.
Municipal Water Treatment Systems and Products
Certify your products, components and materials used in the municipal water industry to meet health and safety requirements.
Plastic Materials and Ingredients
Test and certify plastic plumbing materials at NSF’s independent, on-site labs to meet North American and international requirements.
Water Quality Testing Device Certification
Get your water quality testing device (WQTD) tested and certified — as it makes a significant difference for regulatory compliance, product differentiation and marketability.
Lead Service Line Inventory & Replacement Planning
Comply with the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR), prioritise your resources and optimise your budget by using our predictive modelling service.
Regional Certification and Approvals
NSF helps manufacturers of water treatment, distribution, plumbing and residential water filtration products gain access to global markets.
Plumbing Products
Verify the compliance of your plumbing products with the necessary standards and plumbing codes.
Electrical Safety
NSF performs electrical safety certifications for food equipment, municipal water products and systems, on-site wastewater products and pool and spa equipment.
NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Testing and Certification
This standard sets benchmarks for evaluating water distribution products and materials. Learn about why it's required and accepted around the world.

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