Water Management and Safety

Create a management plan to enhance both the safety and efficiency of your water networks.

NSF's impartial approach, detached from equipment or chemical sales, will assist you in determining the most effective methodologies and treatment technologies.

Water management presents considerable challenges, whether in commercial buildings or manufacturing facilities. NSF experts adeptly identify areas for potential improvement and recommend safety measures to develop a comprehensive water management program tailored to your health, safety, and sustainability objectives. Additionally, through on-site assessments, including Legionella and other waterborne pathogens risk assessments, NSF collaborates with you in the prevention of outbreaks, safeguarding the well-being of your guests, visitors, and collaborators.

Water Management Plans

NSF's accomplished experts design comprehensive water management plans for building and facility managers worldwide, aiming to mitigate hazards associated with water ingestion, inhalation, and skin contact. Our approach encompasses:

  • Conducting a thorough gap assessment of your existing water system or water management program.
  • Identifying and evaluating potential hazards.
  • Assessing existing control measures.
  • Recommending new control measures or enhancements to existing ones, including critical limits, monitoring procedures, and corrective actions.
  • Providing suggestions for validation.

NSF conducts water management plans for diverse industries, including food and beverage manufacturing facilities, commercial and industrial buildings, universities, schools, and hotels.

Legionella Risk Assessment

As a building owner or facility manager, it is your responsibility to address hazards associated with the potential presence of Legionella in your water systems. NSF offers an independent Legionella risk assessment to assist you in protecting public health and ensuring compliance with regulations or internal requirements. Our assessment thoroughly reviews all building water systems to evaluate hazardous conditions linked to this bacterium and other waterborne pathogens. Even if your facility already has a water management plan, NSF will furnish a detailed report identifying your specific Legionella risks. It's crucial to note that NSF's building water health services operate independently as a third-party entity and are not affiliated with the sale of products, such as water treatment technologies or chemicals.

How NSF Can Help You

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