NSF promotes a safe, healthy and inclusive working environment for our team members and actively engages with a broad spectrum of stakeholders to advance public health and support the communities where we operate.

Health, Safety and Wellness

At NSF, we prioritise the well-being of our team members through our Health, Safety, and Wellness programme. This comprehensive programme not only supports physical health but also the mental health of our team.

Ensuring workforce safety is our number one priority, and we cultivate a “Goal Zero” mindset that aims to operate injury and accident-free. Our global Health & Safety Manual articulates clear expectations for all the sites where we operate. Our global HSSE team supports our safety agenda throughout the organisation, ensuring that safety is everyone’s business.

In addition, our employee programmes, which include a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme and medical benefits, are geared towards providing support and resources for employees’ physical and mental well-being. Each year, NSF hosts a World Mental Health Day, allowing all team members to take the day off to prioritise their well-being.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At NSF, we have an incredibly talented and diverse workforce of nearly 3,000 team members who operate in 180 countries. Our diversity, equity and inclusion slogan is “It takes everyone”, because we value everyone’s perspectives and encourage everyone to be their authentic selves at work. Our DEI programme promotes a healthy and supportive working environment through Business Resource Groups, an active DEI Council, employee development opportunities and celebration of global holidays across locations.

NSF has three Business Resource Groups for women, LGBTQ+ team members and veterans. These groups create a safe and supportive space for people of similar background to discuss concerns, identify solutions, and work for positive change in our organisation.

The DEI Council is a vehicle to provide executive sponsorship and champion a culture of inclusivity. The Council includes influential men and women from all divisions and every global region where NSF operates, including Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America, the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe.

Our people processes, including performance evaluations and hiring, undergo continuous review to maintain equity across the organisation, including a globalised and harmonised title and pay system. Ongoing leadership development opportunities, including an NSF Certified Leader model, serve as catalysts for talent development.

  • Women constitute more than 60% of NSF team members and hold around 55% of leadership positions. In order to support them and build allies across NSF, we created an employee-led and company-sponsored Business Resource Group called WIN for ‘Women’s Initiative Network.
    Catherine Francois
    Global Director of Food Consulting, and WIN BRG Co-lead, NSF
  • During Diversity Awareness Month, we host lots of different activities to engage our team members in conversation. We also work with stakeholders across the globe to move our diversity initiative forward globally, enabling them to do it locally as well. Our approach to talent management is to bring people together to talk about what the experience of DEI should be, and how we build this together.
    Kate Andrews
    Director, Global Talent, NSF

Stakeholder Engagement

Our position as a public health and safety organisation provides us with the opportunity to collaborate with a unique set of reputable stakeholders— standards development organisations, government and regulatory bodies, trade and industry associations, as well as local communities and universities— to shape industry best practises and effect positive change within the communities where we operate.

For example, the NSF Public Health Council (NSF-PHC) leverages a distinguished panel of cross-sector experts to develop standards and scientific methods that properly address public health, safety and environmental issues.

Our NSF CARES committee is comprised of volunteer employees who support NSF-sponsored charitable activities. Some of the nonprofit organisations we work with in the Michigan area include Food Gatherers, the Women’s Centre of Southeastern Michigan, the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County, Safehouse Centre – Domestic Violence Services, United Way for Southeastern Michigan and the Humane Society of Huron Valley – Ann Arbour. Our passion to contribute to the environment around us goes beyond Michigan and we have similar initiatives in all the key hubs where NSF operates globally – connecting our team members with the communities they serve.

NSF also provides multiple scholarships and research partnerships to the University of Michigan School of Public Health that supports its mission to develop the next generation of public health professionals and address the biggest challenges to human health.