Good Farming Practices

Show buyers and consumers your commitment to good farming and animal production practices.

Trust NSF to help you demonstrate to buyers and consumers that your farming and livestock operation complies with high industry standards. Being certified or audited to our standards can help ensure you’re following best practices to safeguard food for consumers or further processing, and that you’re using sustainable methods. It can help you mitigate risk, as well as give your products a competitive advantage and help you expand your market.

Our standards and audits include:

  • Raised Without Antibiotics
  • Animal Welfare for Religious Slaughter: Red Meat Module
  • Animal Welfare for Religious Slaughter: Poultry Module
  • Cattle BSE and Specified Risk Material (SRM)
  • Beef E. coli 0157:h7 (N60)
  • Cross-Species Contamination

We can also verify your products for:

  • Label claim verification
  • Traceability
  • Chain of custody
  • Sustainability

Give Your Buyers and Consumers Assurance With Food Safety Animal Audits

NSF can help ensure that your animal handling and care comply to regulations at local, national and regional levels, as well as to animal welfare guidelines and retailer requirements. More and more buyers—as well as a growing number of consumers—are looking for suppliers that are committed to animal wellness.

We serve industries including beef, bison, goat, sheep, swine, dairy, meat and egg-laying poultry.

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