Non-GMO Verification

Enter this fast-growing market and earn the Non-GMO Project’s well-recognised butterfly logo.

NSF’s experts guide manufacturers and retailers through the Non-GMO Project verification process to earn North America’s most prevalent, third-party verified non-GMO seal. As a leading technical administrator for the Non-GMO Project, we support clients with a thorough understanding of complex, evolving genetically modified organism (GMO) issues and dedicated account managers who care about your business.

The Non-GMO Project Verified butterfly seal is recognised by more than half of North American consumers, and some are willing to pay a premium for verified products.1

Since 2008, the Non-GMO Project has verified more than 60,000 products from over 3,000 brands. Verification to the Non-GMO Project Standard represents best practices for GMO avoidance and may include testing of high-risk ingredients in product formulations.

Four Reasons to Choose Non-GMO Project Verification Through NSF

  • Demonstrate your brand’s commitment to building a more transparent, sustainable food system
  • Comply with current labelling requirements such as Whole Food Market’s GMO Labelling Policy and the USDA’s National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard
  • Amplify your brand with increased market share and differentiation opportunities
  • Save time and money by bundling with organic or gluten-free certification, or NSF food safety services and certifications
When we evaluated certifying bodies for the Non-GMO Project, the choice was clear. NSF had the experience, resources and capacity to serve a large global company. What pleasantly surprised us was the NSF staff commitment to customer service. We are delighted with NSF service and performance adapting to our unique needs and focusing on solutions.
Mark Overland
Director Global Certification, Cargill



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