ISO 13485:2016 Overview and Country-Specific Medical Devices Regulations: Six-Course Bundle

On-Demand12 hours

Course Overview

This six-course bundle provides an overview of ISO 13485:2016 and the country-specific medical device regulatory requirements for the United States, Japan, Australia, Brazil and Canada.

Learn what it takes to bring a product to market in each country and keep it there. We cover pre- and post-market requirements, as well as how each country utilizes MDSAP.

This course provides in-depth instruction and expert clarification of ISO 13485:2016, the standard that serves as a basis for many medical device QMS regulations around the globe. This course covers the goals of the standard and detailed information on Clause 4-QMS, Clause 5-Management Responsibility, Clause 6-Resource Management, Clause 7-Product Realization and Clause 8-Measurement Analysis and Improvement.

Competency assessments provide documented evidence for the training requirements.

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