Code of Ethics

Ethics and integrity play a vital role in allowing NSF to further its mission of protecting and improving human health.

Do the Right Thing

NSF’s mission is to protect and improve human health around the world. Our global reach, our vast subject matter expertise, our long-standing leadership in standards setting, and our many talented team members are important components of our organisation.

Most fundamental to achieving this mission — and underpinning everything we do — is building a healthy culture and looking after our people so that each of us feels empowered to steadfastly adhere to NSF’s Code of Ethics.

NSF Code of Ethics outlines our commitment to each other, our clients, vendors, and other stakeholders, including the public, to uphold the highest standards when it comes to ethics and integrity. Every one of us is expected to read, understand and comply at all times with the principles, policies, and procedures described in each section of the Code.

The Code’s true essence can be summed up as follows: Do the Right Thing. This simple but demanding commitment is one of NSF’s refreshed Core Values, launched in 2022 following in-depth research and discussions with global team members. NSF’s other three core values are: Treat People Well; Relentlessly Pursue Excellence; and We Are One NSF.

To show our true fidelity to our Code of Ethics and our Core Values, we must all be willing to speak up if we see behaviour that is not right. Speaking up isn’t always easy, but it is the only choice we have if we are to ensure our organisation remains headed in the right direction—toward accomplishing our important mission. NSF will support anyone who speaks up.

Thank you for your personal commitment to doing the right thing and to protecting and improving human health around the world.

Pedro Sancha's Signature

Pedro Sancha
NSF President and Chief Executive Officer

Updated: February 25, 2022

Team Member Ethics Hotline

To submit a confidential, anonymous report online, go to

To submit a report by telephone, use one of the following toll-free numbers, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:

CountryDialling Information
CanadaFrench 1-855-883-2428

English 1-855-350-9393
PeruSpanish 0-800-50-000

English 0-800-50-288
United Kingdom0808-234-2785
United States1-855-883-2428

No Retaliation; Code of Ethics Administration

NSF strictly prohibits any form of retaliation against any employee as a result of a report of a potential violation of this Policy or as a result of cooperating in an investigation of a suspected violation of this Policy.

The Chief Legal Officer is responsible for the administration of this Code of Ethics under the governance of the Audit Committee of NSF's Board of Directors.