Enhanced Training and Wearable Learning

Hands-free smartglasses with NSF EyeSucceed, powered by Teamviewer, equip workers to learn faster and safer, so they become proficient faster.
What if one modern training modality could eliminate distractions, ensure global consistency and be completely trackable? And also integrate seamlessly with your existing learning management system?

NSF EyeSucceed Delivers Measurable Results

Our system, based on our food industry-specific software applications, creates an interactive, wearable, hands-free experience for employees. It allows them to train on processes while moving freely around their workstation. They learn directly and intuitively with the assistance of text and video prompts from modules prepared specifically for this platform. Smartglass-based training is proven to shorten training time and improve retention.

Enhanced training at the actual workstation during production enables employees to get up to speed right away. They receive on-demand micro-learning instruction at the moment they need it, leading to a better, more consistent product while reducing food waste. With step-by-step guidance in their field of vision, workers do it right the first time.

The Benefits Extend Beyond the Frontline Employee

NSF EyeSucceed lets employees train on their own—and more quickly than with traditional methods—so corporate trainers are free to focus on the bigger picture, spending less time on repetitive field instruction. Training modules can be quickly updated and supplemented, with custom solutions turned around in days, not weeks. And integration with your learning management system makes it easy to track completion and engagement data across the enterprise.

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