MarinTrust Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard

Producers and users of marine-based products are concerned about sustainable sourcing and accurate labels. Through NSF, the MarinTrust CoC Standard meets these concerns.

Wild-Caught Sourcing, Best Practices, and Production

Both producers and consumers of marine-based products – such as fish oil, fish meal and cosmetics – want to be confident that these products are sourced sustainably and accurately identified to prevent false labelling and quality problems. Available through NSF, the MarinTrust Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard (to be accredited in 2022) resolves these concerns.

The MarinTrust CoC Standard provides assurance that seafood materials are acquired at responsibly managed fisheries. It also verifies the use of best practices in manufacturing, handling, and delivery – demonstrating full traceability and accurate product identification at every stage in the chain of custody.

The MarinTrust CoC Standard in Detail

The MarinTrust CoC has two main components:

  • Verification and certification of factories that process raw source material from approved fisheries and by-product fisheries (or by-products from aquaculture)
  • Chain-of-custody verification and certification – applied to products from both MarinTrust certified factories and MarinTrust compliant factories – based on the Identity Preserved (IP) Supply Chain Model (this requires full separation and traceability of any certified fishery material from start to finish in the supply chain)

The MarinTrust CoC Standard conforms to internationally recognised practices and criteria such as the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice and initiatives of the International Organisation for Standardisation, such as ISO 17065.

History of MarinTrust and the MarinTrust CoC Standard

MarinTrust, an initiative of Marine Ingredients Certification Ltd., is an international certification programme for marine ingredients. MarinTrust CoC is specifically directed toward fisheries and processing. The MarinTrust CoC Standard was originally known as the IFFO RS CoC Standard.

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