Grocery Food Safety Evaluation

Improve your food safety management programme, protect your customers, and your reputation.

Food Safety Requirements in Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

We understand the importance of food safety in supermarkets and grocery stores, and the complexities of making sure that food safety management is consistent as buying behaviours change. To protect the integrity of the food you offer and ensure that it’s safe to eat, we’re ready to help you manage common risk factors, from handling practises to temperature controls.

We leverage decades of auditing and compliance experience, and specialise in providing food safety audits for grocery stores, supermarkets and convenience stores. Our services are designed to help you ensure that your food safety and hygiene requirements, as well as brand standards, are being met.

As your trusted advisor, we come prepared to meet your needs with highly calibrated and well-qualified food safety auditors and knowledgeable, responsive and customer-focused account managers. Through our proven, secure digital platforms, you will have access to real-time operational performance results, helping drive data-driven decision-making and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. Our audits are intended not only to detect any potential issues, but also to provide actionable insights and recommendations.

In addition, as a valued client of ours, you will have access to the full portfolio of NSF’s solution offerings, including food safety training, product certification, supplier assurance, management systems and food advisory services developed over the last 75 years as a leader in the industry.

With Us, You Can:

  • Drive food safety and public health awareness
  • Act when needed, using our aggregated audit data
  • Protect staff and customers
  • Strengthen your hygiene and food safety culture
  • Protect your brand reputation

Our Audits Include:

  • Food safety systems verification
  • Sanitation and condition cheque
  • Brand standards
  • Workplace safety
  • Operational excellence

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