Kosher Certification

Receive the most comprehensive kosher verification available for this growing global market.

Working with Star-K Kosher Certification, NSF offers the strictest kosher verification available to manufacturers and retailers. The global market for kosher products has grown to $12.5 billion worldwide and now reaches beyond food to pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and medications.

Based on the requirements of Jewish dietary laws, kosher certification is seen by a wide range of consumers as a trustworthy indicator of food safety and quality. Consumers of kosher products extend well beyond the Jewish community and include people who prioritise humane animal treatment or who are vegetarians, lactose-intolerant or eating a gluten-free diet, or following similar dietary restrictions such as Halal.

Combine Kosher With Organic and Other Certifications

For the growing number of companies worldwide that opt for both organic and kosher certification, NSF provides a joint auditing programme so products can achieve kosher and USDA organic certification in tandem. This streamlined auditing process reduces inspection costs, saves time and provides excellent service. You can also bundle kosher certification with non-GMO, gluten-free, plant-based and raised without antibiotics certifications, or NSF’s food safety services and certifications.

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