Specialist Market Insight

Expand your reach and take advantage of new market opportunities - without delays.

Navigating the complex regulatory and legal landscape for your products requires knowledgeable, up-to-date, trusted local expertise for every country to which your goods are destined.

Scale up your market scope with confidence by choosing Specialist Market Insight from your trusted partner, NSF.

Our data-driven, market-intelligence solution, coupled with insight from our regulatory experts, will give you actionable information on how to expand successfully.

You’ll make evidence-based decisions to meet your goals so that you can:

  • Reach new markets with your existing food and beverage products.
  • Open new outlets or franchises in unfamiliar territories.
  • Take new products to market without delays.
  • Expand your product base in current markets.

Having first worked to understand and define your requirements, we’ll provide you with a Specialist Market Insight Guidebook that’s completely unique to your needs.

Food regulations vary not just from region by region but in some cases, country by country. The ingredients may all be compliant, but have you considered the local regulations on recycling logos or perhaps the different front-of-pack nutrition requirements?

With Specialist Market Insight from NSF, you’ll have the confidence to:

  • Gain new market share.
  • Enter new markets successfully, to regulators’ satisfaction, without delay.
  • Get ahead of the competition by meeting regulatory requirements for new products or in new markets.
  • Earn the confidence of the supply chain or retailers by meeting regulatory compliance.
  • Prevent falling foul of regulators.
  • Save time and money.
  • Avoid product recalls.
  • Protect brand reputation.
  • Increase sales and reach.
  • Keep consumers safe.
We worked with a food business that was able to successfully open new franchises in South America, knowing that the market conditions, regulations, and food trends were all working in their favour. They were able to manage risks, embrace opportunities, and launch without delay to meet their initial sales targets.
Katie Glover
Manager, Regulatory Affairs and Trading Law EMEA, NSF

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