Hooters Manages Food Safety with TraQtion

TraQtion provides a global, 360-degree view of food safety and quality compliance in Hooters of America’s supply chain and restaurants.

TraQtion cloud-based quality and compliance software is used by Hooters of America (HOA), the franchiser and operator of more than 425 Hooters restaurants. HOA has strengthened its food and beverage supply chain to ensure supplier and product compliance in 28 countries. TraQtion provides HOA with an automated, unique and trusted way to manage its products and global supply chains.

HOA selected TraQtion for its ease of use and ability to provide the level of transparency needed to ensure supplier compliance with food safety and quality standards. The comprehensive and collaborative nature of TraQtion enabled HOA to establish a single-solution approach to brand protection from a global supply chain perspective.

“Implementing TraQtion will help Hooters of America implement a collaborative and automated system that attempts to provide transparency of food safety and quality across our supply chain,” said Andrew Plante, Director of Quality Assurance and Food Safety at Hooters of America. “TraQtion consolidates many data points across the supply chain to give us real-time alerts to potential problems.”

HOA established a 360-degree view of its global supply chain, using TraQtion to facilitate communication between quality assurance, food safety, product development, third-party laboratories, suppliers, distributors and restaurants. HOA can anticipate issues and identify trends to proactively respond to higher-risk suppliers, products and sites. This automated collaboration is essential in today’s rapidly changing global supply chains to help protect consumers and a company’s brand reputation.

Hooters of America uses these key TraQtion features, including the intelligent compliance engine, supply chain tracking and advanced dashboards.

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