Complaints and Issue Management

Track and resolve complaints and issues throughout the entire lifecycle.

You’ll be confident that issues, assigned tasks and approvals are handled properly and promptly with our closed-loop complaint and issue management solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Interconnect with your supply chain
    Complaints can be associated with specific products, suppliers and sites, and you can assign ownership and send notifications and alerts.
  • Product recall management
    Product recalls can be managed effectively with real-time collaboration within the supply chain.
  • Corrective action management
    Track issues effectively and efficiently, all the way to closure, with collaborative corrective action management and communications.
  • Analyse trends and performance
    Evaluate trends and patterns over time with insights and dashboards. Search for real-time statuses, performance metrics and reporting. Use the data to analyse trends, such as the nature and frequency of complaints. Monitor a supplier’s performance over time to identify patterns.

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