The GGN Label

The scope of GLOBABLG.A.P.'s new GGN label now includes fruits and vegetables, providing opportunities for producers and a consistent, uniform label across all product types for consumers.

The new GGN label stands for certified, responsible farming. While previous GGN labels were specific to aquaculture and floriculture products, the new label is universal and cross-category. This change is good news for consumers looking for consistent labeling across different product types.

"Transparency is at the heart of the GGN label. We help consumers discover the roots of their products while helping the businesses who practice and support responsible farming showcase this. Together, we're taking transparency to the next level," says Kristian Moeller, Managing Director at GLOBALG.A.P. c/o FoodPLUS GmbH.

Including both packed and loose fresh products, the new label is available to producers, retailers, traders, packers and restaurant chains.

All products featuring the GGN label were produced by a farm whose production process has been independently certified to international GLOBALG.A.P. standards or a standard recognized by GLOBALG.A.P. as equivalent. These standards are holistic and cover food safety, sustainability, environmental protection, animal welfare, workers' health and safety, and supply chain transparency.

All aspects of responsible farming come together under the GGN label, which provides transparency through unique 13-digit identification numbers linked to supply chain actors with GLOBALG.A.P. certification. These GLOBALG.A.P. numbers correspond with profiles on the GGN label portal, allowing consumers to find the roots of their product. Currently, 576 farm profiles are already online.

For products to be eligible for the GGN label, each member in the supply chain must have the relevant certification and/or level of assessment compliance.

Agriculture Products (Fruits and Vegetables) Requirements

  • Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) certificate for fruit and vegetables at farm level (or a GLOBALG.A.P. equivalent benchmarked scheme)
  • Full compliance with the GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice (GRASP) at farm level
  • Maximum residue levels monitored by a GLOBALG.A.P. approved residue monitoring system
  • Chain of custody certification for supply chain members
  • GGN label license for the business responsible for labeling the product

NSF offers certification and compliance services to producers, packers, wholesalers and traders to proudly display the GGN label. Contact us for more information. We'd love to be your solution!

What is IFA certification?

Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard covers Good Agricultural Practices for agriculture, aquaculture, livestock and horticulture production. It includes compliance criteria for food safety, worker welfare and environmental impact.

What is GRASP?

GRASP stands for GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice. It is a voluntary, ready-to-use module developed to assess social practices on the farm, such as specific aspects of workers' health, safety and welfare.

What is GLOBALG.A.P. Chain of Custody?

GLOBALG.A.P. Chain of Custody (CoC) certification ensures that any product bearing a GGN label or sold as a GLOBALG.A.P. certified product is sourced from GLOBALG.A.P. certified farms.

The GLOBALG.A.P. CoC standard identifies the status of your product from farm to retailer. It lays out strict requirements for handling certified products and the proper segregation of certified and non-certified produce in the processing operation units.

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