Case Study: From Water Reuse to Electrical Safety Certification, Greyter Water Systems Expands Relationship With NSF

After receiving NSF/ANSI 350 water reuse certification, Greyter had another need for its residential water system: electrical safety certification.

From Water Reuse to Electrical Safety Certification, Greyter Water Systems Expands Relationship With NSF

Based in Ontario, Canada, Greyter Water Systems provides innovative water reuse management solutions that reduce the water and wastewater demands of both commercial and residential buildings. Greyter works hand in hand with builders, developers, engineers, architects and municipal officials to assist in creating water-efficient communities in Canada and the United States, especially in areas facing more limited water resources.

The Challenge

Greyter began working with NSF in 2018 to achieve NSF/ANSI 350 water reuse certification for its Greyter HOME™ residential water recycling system. The Greyter HOME captures gray water from showers and bathtubs, treats it, and provides clear, odor-free, microbiologically safe water for toilet flushing — which can reduce a family home’s indoor water consumption by up to 25%.

Explaining the need for this initial certification, Michael Caldeira, Manager of Technical Services at Greyter, says, “Many jurisdictions look for NSF/ANSI 350 certification when considering the adoption of residential gray water treatment in new subdivisions. The NSF mark reassures municipalities that our technology has undergone six months of rigorous testing. This facilitates the conversations between municipalities and homebuilders on how the technology can best be leveraged to reduce water consumption.”

The Greyter HOME received its NSF/ANSI 350 certification in early 2019, but the company had another pressing need for its residential water system: electrical safety certification.

The Solution

Given Greyter’s positive experience with NSF for water reuse certification, they turned to NSF again, in 2019, for ANSI/UL 1951 certification, which covers electric plumbing supplies.

“The advantage of partnering with NSF,” Caldeira says of this decision, “is getting that credibility behind our products by going with a well-known organization. The fact that many municipalities cite NSF certification as a requirement further speaks to the high esteem NSF is held in. We wanted the technology to gain acceptance across a broad range of jurisdictions, so it made sense to pursue UL 1951 with NSF’s electrical team, knowing it would be rigorously tested by a respected certification body.”

In addition, Greyter was driven by the confidence arising from its prior work with NSF on water reuse certification. Adding the electrical safety component was a natural outgrowth of this trusted and effective partnership.

In spite of some logistical challenges, including the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing product development on the part of Greyter the Greyter HOME achieved its ANSI/UL 1951 certification in December 2021.

The Results

Greyter Water Systems has benefited from its recent work with NSF in several key ways, including:

  • Earning electrical safety certification (ANSI/UL 1951) from the same leading certification body (CB) it had trusted for water reuse (NSF/ANSI 350) - without having to enter into a new relationship with a different CB.
  • Expanding the market reach of its Greyter HOME residential water recycling system into municipalities and jurisdictions that require certification - and sending a strong message to homebuilders with the trusted NSF mark.
  • Maintaining compliance while continuously improving its product. “We’re continuously working on optimizing our processes and making improvements to the product,” Caldeira says. “Our product isn’t exactly the same as it was back in 2018. For example, components changed and certain designs modified in response to data collected from the field and feedback provided from homeowners. NSF’s water and electrical teams have been helpful in evaluating and testing the required components and products to ensure we keep our conformance to both standards as our technology evolves.”

As Greyter’s experience illustrates, manufacturers and others already working with NSF in a range of certification areas may confidently add on electric safety certification as well — fulfilling a vital need while avoiding the steep learning curve associated with seeking out a new certification body.

In its efforts to reduce indoor water consumption, contribute to water efficiency and offer homeowners a reliable, affordable, low-maintenance gray water treatment system, Greyter is making a difference in a growing number of communities. NSF is proud to have provided the company with two critical certifications.

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