Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About the IATF NC CARA Management Tool

Learn more about the updated International Automotive Task Force Nonconformity Common Audit Report Application (IATF NC CARA) Management Tool.

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Do I Have To Use the IATF NC CARA Management Tool (IATF NC CARA)?

Yes, the use of IATF NC CARA is mandatory for an IATF 16949 audit conducted by an IATF-recognized certification body.

Is the IATF NC CARA Management Tool a “System” or “Database” That Saves My Information and Submits It to NSF or My Auditor?

No, the IATF NC CARA Management Tool is a software application that is downloaded and runs completely offline in the browser on the user’s device without any data exchange with a centralized server. Updates to the application are done in the background if a data connection and a new version are available. All entered data must be saved and sent back to the certification body’s auditor.

Why Do I Need To Load the IATF NC CARA .JSON File in NSF Connect?

To enable NSF to monitor the required time frames of the IATF rules, we use NSF Connect. This allows us to transfer information without using emails to ensure the safety of your data. It also helps us ensure timely replies.

I Am Getting an Error When I Try To Save the .JSON File From NSF Connect to My Computer — What Do I Do?

It depends on your browser setting. Your browser may be trying to “open” the .json file, and your computer may not have the appropriate software for that. Not to worry — you don’t need to open the .json file; you just need to save it to your computer to load to IATF NC CARA. Even when you receive an error, the file will still save to your downloads folder.

I Am Getting an Error When I Try To Open the .JSON File From NSF Connect — What Do I Do?

Good news — you don’t need to open the .json file! That’s what IATF NC CARA is for. All you need to do is load it to IATF NC CARA, and you will be able to see the information.

I Have My IATF NC CARA .JSON File — Now What Do I Do?

After opening IATF NC CARA, use the “Load Report/Backup” feature to upload the .json file you received.

How Do I See the Information From the Auditor?

If you select the pencil icon , the form will open at the bottom, with the finding as seen in the audit report and the area to complete your reply.

What Information Do I Need To Enter Into IATF NC CARA?

Each field has a question mark icon that, when clicked on, opens for an explanation.

Complete the fields boxed in red as required:

  • Correction (containment) action, including timing and responsible person
  • Evidence of implementation (of containment)
  • Root cause analysis (please remember that the rules require evidence of root cause analysis, e.g., five-why, fishbone, etc.)
  • Systemic corrective actions, including timing and responsible person
  • Evidence of implementation of the systemic actions
  • Action taken to verify effective implementation of corrective actions (this must be completed before approval can be given)

How Do I Attach Files?

The fields that have the paper-plus icon allow for attachment of files (only PDFs and JPEGs). There is no need to save the file in more than one place; please attach it just once and refer to its location.

Do I Have To Attach My Files in Both IATF NC CARA and NSF Connect?

No, there is no need to attach the files in NSF Connect as well as in the CARA application. However, if IATF NC CARA gives you a message that you have run out of space, the additional files can be loaded in NSF Connect.

I Am Getting an Error That Says My Files Are Too Big, and It Won’t Let Me Add More — What Do I Do?

  • Ensure that you have attached each file only once
  • Ensure that you have removed superseded files
  • Instead of saving all the NCs together, save each NC separately using the download icon in the NC list, and then they can be loaded to NSF Connect separately

I Entered All of My Information — Now What?

Select the “Save NCs for auditor” button. This will generate a .json file in your downloads folder. If you receive errors, see FAQs 4 and 5. Navigate to your NSF Connect account, find the NC you wish to load, and upload the IATF NC CARA .json attachment. Then save and submit.

Why Did the Reviewer Ask Me for Clarification?

Please remember that the reviewer may not be familiar with your company’s abbreviations or names and may need your help to understand your answers.

I Received an Email Saying the Reviewer Requests More Information, but I Went Into IATF NC CARA, and I Don’t See What They Want. What Should I Do?

Since IATF NC CARA is not a database but a browser tool, there is no immediate linkage between NSF systems and the tool. You will need to pull the file your CARA reviewer added to NSF Connect and then load this updated file into IATF NC CARA to be able to view the comments.

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