Supplier Assurance Remote Audit Process

Audit Value

NSF remains committed to performing on-site audits wherever possible, with our auditors observing directives regarding social distancing, the use of masks, hand sanitizer and handwashing. However, travel restrictions and social distancing procedures based on the recommendations of international health authorities have created extraordinary circumstances and potential disruption to the on-site evaluation of the food supply chain.

NSF is committed to providing you a remote audit process to continue to protect your brand integrity during these extraordinary circumstances.

Criteria for Determining Eligible Audit Sites

  • The remote audit will not be the first visit (initial audit) by NSF to the facility.
  • The previous audit conducted at the facility must have occurred in 2019 with a score of 85% or higher.
  • The scope of the current remote must remain the same as the scope of the previous audit.
  • The site must meet technology usage requirements.
  • Specifying clients must approve of the remote audit process.

Audit Process Methods and Techniques

  • Auditor selection requirements include experience and knowledge of product, process and type of facility.
  • Auditors will have specific training in remote audit procedures and methods for sharing documents securely.
  • Pre-audit planning activities will be conducted to enable the replication of the standard on-site audit process and real-time direction of site personnel to determine interview personnel, CCP and QCP monitoring points, etc.
  • Reporting procedures and turnaround times for reports and plan for corrective actions remain the same.
  • Audit report comments will reflect the use of a remote audit.

Post-Audit Requirements

  • Technical review
  • Corrective action closure
  • Issuance of a statement of commitment
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of each remote audit by an auditor, that includes an outcome-based decision on the need for surveillance or on-site visit

This procedure has been developed in result of risk assessments completed by NSF as required by IAF ID 3:2011 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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