Environmental, Social and Governance

ESG principles are naturally integral to NSF’s core business strategies and decision-making processes, fostering a culture of transparency, accountability, and ethical standards.

Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices support our mission to improve human and planet health. NSF’s dedicated ESG Council, a group of leaders from across the organization, supports our efforts to establish and achieve environmental and social objectives with oversight from our senior leadership team and Board committees.

Our focus on enabling safe and sustainable food, clean water, and health products for all directly supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition to the public safety and sustainability work we do with regulators, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers, we “walk the talk” when it comes to ESG.



NSF is dedicated to reducing our internal footprint and helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals.

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NSF promotes a safe, healthy and inclusive working environment for our team members and actively engages with a broad spectrum of stakeholders to advance public health and support the communities where we operate.
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We ensure the integrity of our operations through Corporate Governance, Financial Controls and Compliance and Supply Chain Security.
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