Commercial Food Equipment

Ensure hygienic design compliance in food equipment manufacturing. NSF, a pioneer in sanitation standards, supports your business with certification and testing.

Manufacturing food equipment means you need to comply with the principles of hygienic design. Whether you’re looking to grow, innovate, comply or differentiate yourself in the market, a trusted partner can help you meet all the right regulations. NSF is a pioneer in food equipment sanitation standards, supporting businesses like yours to improve efficiency with certification, testing, and claims.

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Food Equipment Standards
NSF has facilitated the development of more than 75 standards and protocols for sanitary food equipment, and has certified thousands of products against those standards to use in restaurant and commercial kitchen settings.
Field Labelling
Use our field labelling service to give local regulators unbiased information about non-certified food equipment.
Food Contact Materials
Ensure your products comply with UK, European and other global regulations for food contact materials.
Food Equipment Pre-Evaluation
Work smarter by starting the product planning process with a comprehensive pre-evaluation of your commercial food equipment.
Sanitation Safety
Certify your commercial food equipment to the industry’s highest standards and know you’re meeting all applicable U.S. sanitation requirements.
HACCP Compliance Verification for the European and Indian Markets
Demonstrate the food safety and hygienic quality of your commercial food equipment for the European or Indian market.
Electrical Safety Certification
Ensure your products meet the United States NRTL certification requirements of OSHA and the Canadian Electric Code requirements of the SCC.
Home Products and Appliance Certification
Give consumers greater confidence in your brand’s quality, safety and performance by certifying your home products and appliances.
Specialist Market Insight
Expand your reach and take advantage of new market opportunities - without delays.
Nonfood Compounds and Chemical Registration and Certification
Show the food industry they can trust your chemical products. NSF registers and certifies many chemical compounds, from lubricants to cleaning products.

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Quality and Compliance Software

If you’re looking for a solution to confidently manage complex and critical data - including supplier compliance, regulatory requirements, and environmental reporting - take a look at NSF’s TraQtion cloud-based software.
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