Food Equipment Pre-Evaluation

Work smarter by starting the product planning process with a comprehensive pre-evaluation of your commercial food equipment.

Help make sure your innovations, vision and prototype comply with regulatory requirements before going into production. Work with NSF to prepare your food equipment for the certification process. When you meet the standards for certification, you give end users and operators added confidence in your product.

Local, regional and national inspection agencies base their regulations on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Food Code. NSF/ANSI food equipment standards are aligned with this code. As a result, certification to these standards is an effective way to show compliance with the Food Code. In fact, the NSF certification mark is the most trusted mark in the food service industry—and only NSF certified products can use it.

Give New Food Equipment a Thorough Pre-Evaluation:

  • Introduction to NSF experts: A review of your product or concept begins with an education on what we do, our certification process and hygienic design requirements for applicable standard(s).
  • Equipment design validation: During product development, we can evaluate your design for performance and material compliance.
  • Continuous technical support: Count on us throughout this pre-evaluation—even if design changes are happening quickly.
  • Field trail: Give health inspectors the assurance that NSF is looking at your product prototypes.
  • Finished design: Your equipment is now ready for the certification process.

Using our pre-evaluation services does not provide an advantage to the granting of certification nor is it linked in any way to making certification simpler, easier, faster or less expensive.

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