Registered Products for Food Processing and Distribution

Register your nonfood compounds, chemicals and cleaners with NSF, and show food processors and distributors that your products are trusted.

Inspire trust in your chemicals and products used in food processing and distribution operations. They need to be safe for sanitising floors or drains, fighting pests, ensuring that machinery operates efficiently with minimal downtime, and guaranteeing that proprietary food substances, like fruit and vegetables, are fit for processing.

The NSF nonfood compound registration programme covers a wide range of products and chemicals frequently used in food processing, distribution and warehousing. It’s designed to ensure that chemicals, including cleaners, pesticides, lubricants and degreasers, are safely formulated to meet relevant food safety standards.

The NSF White Book™ makes it easy to find products independently validated as suitable for use in food processing and distribution operations.

Chemical manufacturers can count on:

  • A cost-effective, industry-recognised registration programme operating worldwide
  • Chemical evaluation by NSF scientists, chemists and toxicologists
  • An efficient process to speed your latest innovations to market

End users benefit from:

  • Easy identification of food-safe chemicals for use in food processing through their listing in the NSF White Book and display of the relevant NSF nonfood compound registration mark
  • Assurance that the products are safe to use in food operations, such as distribution or processing
  • Recognising your commitment to good sanitation, hygiene and food safety practices

NSF’s registration programme is trusted globally across the food industry. It is a continuation of the USDA product approval and listing programme, which is based on meeting regulatory requirements, including FDA 21 CFR, for appropriate use and ingredient and labelling review.

The registration process comprises:

  • Formulation review
  • Label review
  • Traceability review
  • Product testing (if applicable)

Once registered, products can display the NSF registration mark. This recognised mark of assurance is trusted globally by the food industry and food safety regulators and auditors. Registered products are verified each year to maintain integrity.

Find registered products and ISO 21469 certified products in the NSF White BookTM, our online directory of registered non-food compounds and proprietary substances.

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