Reduce risk and improve trust with a robust supplier management programme.

Successful manufacturing businesses need to stay agile, predicting and responding to ever-changing demands that increase complexity in today’s fast-moving markets:

  • Food consumers demanding more choice — gluten-free, organic, vegan — as well as allergen clarity and sourcing transparency.
  • Regulatory updates to manage allergens, label requirements and nutritional thresholds.
  • Environmental impact assessments, from brand equity and consumer groups to investor demands.

Businesses are also facing unprecedented challenges: rising energy costs, staff and skills shortages, disruptions to supply chains. Ingredient shortages can increase the risk of food fraud as new supplies and suppliers are onboarded, and the risk to human health increases when specifications are adapted.

How Can You Manage Complexity?

  • Ensure that all suppliers — local, national and international — are compliant with all relevant food and market regulations.
  • Track product source information.
  • Create searchable and simplified record keeping.

NSF’s TraQtion software solution can help boost your customers’ trust in the safety, quality and consistency of your product by making your supply chain management more resilient. Robust and proactive document control can help you avoid recall risks by quickly identifying risky suppliers or noncompliant ingredients.

How TraQtion Can Help

  • Help avoid product recalls by tracking source traceability and ingredient attributes for claim validations.
  • Optimise accuracy by comparing supplier specifications to product quality specifications and controls.
  • Make faster decisions and prioritise continuous improvement projects by tapping into the value of your supply chain data.
  • Scale as your business grows — with new brands, products, stores, DCs, suppliers and cross-selling strategies.

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