Food Control Plans

Woman writing while holding red bell pepper - Food Control Plans | NSF

Our half-day course provides the background and knowledge you need to implement and operate under a food control plan (FCP).

We cover what the food control plan means for your business as well as the food control plan templates. On completion of this course, you will:

  • Understand the Food Act and the role of the environmental health officer (EHO)
  • Know the legal requirement for operating a food control plan
  • Understand how to use a food control plan to maximise the safety and security of the business
  • Be able to describe and explain what a food control plan template is
  • Make use of the serve safe principles for controlling the safety of foods
  • Complete the records required within the food control plan
  • Implement the food control plan within the business
  • Understand the financial benefits of operating safely

What Is a Food Control Plan?

A food control plan sets out the steps required to make food that is safe to eat. There are two types of plans: templated and custom.