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Public Notices

The NSF mark is valued by consumers, manufacturers, retailers and regulatory agencies worldwide. It assures certified products and systems have met rigorous standard requirements.


This page allows submitting a complaint of misuse of the NSF mark and lists products and companies that are in violation of NSF's certification/registration policies.

To submit a complaint, provide feedback or report a suspected violation of a certified product or use of a registered trademark or certification mark, please contact our consumer hotline at +1 800 673 8010 or submit an online complaint/feedback form:

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Public Notices and Enforcement Actions

The products and manufacturers identified here are in direct violation of certification/registration policies, are making false claims of certification/registration, or have had certification withdrawn or suspended. The specific reason for each violation is detailed in each notification.

Violations may include:

  • Unauthorized use or misuse of a registered trademark, certification mark or registration mark on product, product packaging, literature, websites or other advertising materials
  • Misleading language or statements that imply products and services are certified or registered when they are not
  • A previously certified or registered product or service that has had its certification or registration withdrawn