USDA Organic Certification

Protect the planet and verify the organic integrity of your products at any stage of the global supply chain.

For more than 30 years, Quality Assurance International, part of NSF, has been an active industry leader in the fast-growing U.S. organic sector, which represents about 40% of the global organics market. We provide certification to the national organic standards, under a federal regulation created by the USDA and administered by the National Organic Program (NOP).

The USDA Organic Seal and the QAI mark both stand for assurance that a product has been verified as organic in compliance with the strict USDA national organic standards.

USDA Organic seal
QAI certified organic mark

Why Choose QAI for Organic Certification

We are committed to providing these unique value propositions to our clients around the world:

  • Dedicated account representatives
  • Unparalleled technical expertise in complex product formulations
  • One of the most recognized certifier logos
  • Flexible pricing to support early-stage companies
  • Fast average timelines to add new facilities, fields and products
  • A secure, easy-to-use online client portal
  • Opportunity to bundle with other NSF certifications and food safety services, saving time and money

From farm to fork, we bring organic industry knowledge to all sectors: crops, foods, poultry and livestock, dairy, food service, retail, dietary supplements, and personal care.

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