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Learn more about handwashing with NSF's Scrub Club®.

The Scrub Club® website features worksheets, games, videos and activities for kids, as well as educational materials for teachers and resources for parents. The purpose of the Scrub Club® is to raise awareness about the benefits of handwashing and ultimately improve the health of children in school, day care or at home.

Sample of Free Resources:
5 Steps of Handwashing Poster | Coloring Pages | Activities | Music Video

The Scrub Club Heroes

The Scrub Club Heros

The Scrub Club® is a group of heroes representing the five steps of handwashing. Their goal is to make all kids Scrub Club® heroes! By learning about the heroes and the five steps of handwashing, and understanding the germy villains’ purpose, each child can become a Scrub Club® hero!

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