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True Source Honey

Honey is a favorite sweet treat, but how do you know if the honey in your favorite products is the real deal?

Honey is one of the most frequently faked foods and many consumers are concerned about what’s in their honey and where it comes from. To address this, makers of food, personal care and over-the-counter products have shown their commitment to buying honey from suppliers that can prove where their honey comes from and what it contains. For example, True Source Honey® certification traces honey all the way back to the hive so you can be sure that the honey is not fake or impure, and that the country of origin on the label is correct. The certification also makes sure that the honey meets U.S. and international trade laws. Honey is certified by an independent third party that tests samples and reviews container shipments to trace honey to its source.

The Made With True Source Honey certification verifies that 100 percent of the honey used in a product is True Source Honey certified.

Look for the Made With True Source Honey certification mark on products from the following brands:

  • Droga Chocolates – Money on Honey, a unique line of wildflower honey caramel treats
  • Honey Stinger – Various flavors of protein bars, energy bars and snack bars
  • Hellmann’s – Hellmann's Real Ketchup made with honey and Best Foods Real Ketchup made with honey

True Source Honey

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