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Take your first steps on your Information Security journey with NSF CyberSecure, the policy builder.

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Information security breaches are on the rise. The cost of the loss of personal data and intellectual property is huge. In response, many organizations are shining a light on their information security policies, processes, and standards to improve their cyber resilience.

Information security policies provide your employees with clarity on your data security, and the use and maintenance of your company systems and applications. Reviewing your Information Security policies regularly helps ensure that they are fit for purpose in today’s ever-evolving world, and that they are aligned with your customer requirements and expectations.

Our goal is to make Information Security accessible to all organizations. The NSF CyberSecure platform provides the first step in a company’s Information Security journey, building a strong foundation based on the key elements of information security.

Via our platform, organizations can build a security framework that encompasses Information security best practices, which they can customize to their needs.

NSF CyberSecure Offers:

  • An intuitive platform that provides real time feedback on your existing policies using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology
  • A policy builder function, which helps generate policies on demand
  • A repository for information security policies with robust version control
  • A cost-effective annual subscription, with the option of a free trial

To find out more about how NSF CyberSecure can kickstart your Information Security journey, register your place on one of our live monthly webinars.

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