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About TraQtion Software

Increase the agility and improvement potential of your business.

We hear from businesses across industries that are struggling with similar challenges. Making data accessible and creating actionable intelligence are the keys to being an agile, improvement-driven organization.

Why Consider a Software Solution?

Cloud-based software solutions can encourage collaboration by supporting all those in the supply chain who need to exchange information.

Why NSF’s TraQtion Software Solution?

NSF’s TraQtion software is a cloud-based solution that’s ideal for you and your supply chain. Our data models are built for collaboration — you’ll access shared data through a secure, browser-based client and supplier portal.

It’s configurable and scalable. Start with one module and add more as you grow, or choose multiple modules to maximize the benefits of team collaboration and shared data from the outset.

We’ll Take Care of It for You

ISO 27001 Certified

We take care of the hosting, administration, security and continuous improvements, so you can focus on your day job. Your team and suppliers have access to technical application support that’s included in the base subscription to simplify budgeting.

  • Security in the cloud
    TraQtion has been designed and developed with security in mind. The platform runs on an ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS compliant infrastructure — so confidentiality, integrity and availability of data are never at risk.
  • Reduced time to value
    Cloud-based software minimizes installation and configuration time, avoiding issues that can get in the way of deployment.
  • Lower costs
    There are no hardware or IT administration resources required. License and maintenance costs are shared by all customers that use the multi-tenant cloud platform.
  • No software licenses
    Pay only for what you use. Pay to use the software for a set period — typically as an annual subscription. There are no software licenses, and we don’t count seats, so you can add users as your team grows.
  • No technology debt
    SaaS solutions reside in the cloud and can scale as your business adds new brands, products, suppliers and stores.

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