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Elaine Vanier Dr.

Technical Scheme Lead, Animal Wellness, Food Supply Chain
Food and Beverage

In her role as the Technical Scheme Lead for Animal Wellness, Food Supply Chain at NSF, Dr. Elaine Vanier is responsible for the coordination of animal wellness and animal feed programs, providing technical expertise and support for the development and global delivery of audit programs, certification, training and consultation services. Services include certification, supply chain assurance and second- and third-party auditing for many global and NSF proprietary animal welfare standards in the beef, bison, goat, sheep, swine, dairy, poultry and layer (egg) industries. Dr. Vanier is the lead author of the NSF’s multi-species Global Animal Wellness standards, which are the first to implement a management system approach to auditing animal wellness.

Dr. Vanier holds a Bachelor of Science in Animal Sciences from the University of Alberta and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Saskatchewan. She has more than 35 years of experience in animal welfare, humane transport and handling, animal health risk assessment and emergency management, animal biosecurity, auditing and evaluation.

She is an experienced food safety and animal welfare auditor and holds certification as a Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO) Meat Plant & Poultry Welfare Auditor. She is also a published author of children’s literature.

Her areas of expertise include:

  • Animal Health & Welfare
  • Primary Animal Production
  • Animal Protein Supply Chain Assurance
  • Food Safety in the Animal Protein Supply Chain
  • Agriculture
  • Sustainability