Lisa Yakas

Lisa Yakas, M.S.

Senior Account Manager, Product Certification

Home Product Certification / Consumer Products

North America

Lisa Yakas is a trained microbiologist with over 20 years of food science experience, including home product certification and consumer products. She leads a team of experts who evaluate consumer products to determine how their use may impact food safety and performance.

Ms. Yakas is a spokesperson for food safety, and contributes to articles and programs that help promote food safety awareness, including information on how to interpret food expiration date labels, best tips on combatting germs and overall product safety information. Additionally, she provides details on how proper food equipment maintenance can keep these items operating at their best.

She joined NSF in 2005, where her background as a food scientist and microbiologist helped her develop strategic testing and certification protocols to ensure that consumers were informed and aware of potential product mislabeling.

Her areas of expertise include:

  • Consumer products
  • Food science
  • Microbiology
  • Food equipment