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Phillip Pierce

Senior Director
Global Audit Delivery, NSF Spokesperson

Phillip Pierce has spent his entire career in the food safety industry. In his role as Senior Managing Director of Global Audit Delivery, he is responsible for the global delivery of audits for the Global Food, Water, and Health Science divisions, as well as the NSF-International Strategic Registrations (ISR) division. Pierce leads the audit team’s integrity initiatives, developing and implementing best practices worldwide to increase profitability, high levels of customer satisfaction, and program integration.

Pierce joined NSF in 2009 as an Operations Manager in Retail Audit Services and since then has served in several audit leadership roles. Previously, he served as a Senior Food Safety Officer and Auditor for the United States Army for two decades. He has received numerous military awards for his service and achievements.

Pierce holds a Bachelor of Science in food science from the University of Florida and a Master of Business Administration from Touro College. He is a certified Quality Improvement Associate, HAACP Auditor, and Quality Auditor. He currently serves as the Commissioner of the Lower Florida Keys Hospital District, Monroe County, and on the NSF Military Affairs Committee. He is a member of the Sunset Rotary of Key West.

His areas of expertise include:

  • Food safety
  • Auditing
  • Quality improvement