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Home Products and Appliance Certification

Give consumers greater confidence in your brand’s quality, safety and performance by certifying your home products and appliances.

Demonstrate that your products meet safety and performance requirements with the help of NSF. Our protocols and standards for home products and appliances were developed by NSF’s public health experts with input from key industry stakeholders including retailers, manufacturers, industry associations and regulatory agencies.

Strengthen Your Brand

In a marketplace of look-alike products, an NSF certification can help your products stand out.

  • Use the internationally recognized NSF Certified for Home Use mark on your certified products
  • Have your certified products listed in our public, online directory

Independently Verify Compliance to Regulations

Protocols for home products and appliances cover all regulatory requirements (for the U.S., Canada, Mexico and European Union) for labeling and material safety—including products that come into contact with food—and are consistent with industry-accepted standards for product performance and quality.

Home Products

NSF certification protocols cover a wide variety of home products, including:

  • NSF P386, food storage containers
  • NSF P387, coffee makers
  • NSF P388, blenders
  • NSF P389, slow cookers and rice makers
  • NSF P390, stovetop cookware
  • NSF P392, tableware
  • NSF P393, bakeware
  • NSF P395, personal beverage containers
  • NSF P396, servingware
  • NSF P399, flatware and cutlery
  • NSF P400, food contact utensils
  • NSF P402, vacuum sealers and bags
  • NSF P403, corded home textiles
  • NSF P405, toasters and toaster ovens
  • NSF P406, clothes irons and steamers
  • NSF P407, fans
  • NSF P408, barware and accessories
  • NSF P412, heaters
  • NSF P450, weight scales
  • NSF P452, air purifiers
  • NSF P461, special-purpose products and devices


Specific NSF standards and protocols for certifying appliances include:

  • NSF/ANSI 184: Residential Dishwashers
  • NSF P154: Sanitization Performance of Residential Clothes Dryers
  • NSF P172: Sanitization Performance of Residential and Commercial, Family-Sized Clothes Washers
  • NSF P205: Residential Food Processors
  • NSF P335: Hygienic Commercial Hand Dryers
  • NSF P351: Allergen Reduction Performance of Residential and Commercial, Family-Sized Clothes Washers
The NSF Certified for Home Use mark on Costco’s Kirkland Signature cookware products provides added assurance to consumers that our products are made with safe materials, won’t leach harmful contaminants into the food and perform as advertised.
Jim Klauer
Costco Wholesale

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