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Sanitation Safety

Certify your commercial food equipment to the industry’s highest standards and know you’re meeting all applicable U.S. sanitation requirements.

Stand out from the competition by assuring the market compliance of your product. Get your certification from NSF to confirm your food equipment:

  • Has been tested and audited by an independent third party
  • Meets the requirements of NSF/ANSI standards
  • Complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements

Our expertise with these standards helps ensure nothing is overlooked. Going through NSF’s certification process can help address potential risks that could become bigger issues over time.

Get the Mark Regulators Look for First

Regulators rely on sanitation standards to ensure commercial food equipment is properly designed for mitigating the risk of foodborne illnesses. Only NSF-certified products can use the NSF certification mark—the most specified and recognized food equipment certification among health departments around the world.

Get Greater Product Acceptance

Trust our meticulous, science-based certification process to evaluate and test for:

  • Hygienic design and construction: Equipment needs to be cleanable and demonstrate that it is not likely to harbor bacteria or other microorganisms.
  • Material safety: Any material that comes into contact with food during normal use cannot leach harmful chemicals into the food.
  • Performance: When applicable, a product must meet a standard’s minimum requirements for holding food at safe temperatures, clean-in-place procedures and more.

Our testing and certifications can also help manufacturers gain acceptance for products exported to global markets.

You can also bundle your sanitation safety certification with electrical safety certification for cost savings and auditing efficiencies.

Make It Easy for End Users to Trust Your Products

The NSF certification mark lets the end user know a product meets minimum standards requirements for reducing possible chemical, microbiological and physical risks. In addition, NSF’s online public listings get hundreds of thousands of page views every year, giving your equipment greater market exposure.

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