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Seafood Product Evaluation

How do large seafood purchasers verify that products are exactly as specified and in good condition? NSF product evaluations cut fraud and quality risks across the supply chain.

Protect Your Brand and Investment in Seafood Products

Large seafood purchasers – including manufacturers, processors, distributors, restaurants and retailers – worry about paying for products that don’t meet specifications or quality and sustainability requirements that regulators and consumers demand. NSF seafood product evaluations do more than protect your bank account and brand name from mislabeled, poor-quality products. From wild-caught and farmed seafood to fish meal, our technical experts know how to detect labeling errors, fraud and contamination. We deliver peace of mind

Improve Market Appeal With Evaluation and Testing

Our network of experts and facilities assess raw materials for quality and species identity. By reducing food fraud, we cut your exposure to risk. For clear, comprehensive reports and fast turnarounds, NSF is better than anyone – anywhere in the world.

  • Third-party and customized evaluations
  • Fish meal testing
  • DNA testing (to identify species)
  • Chemical and analytical testing
  • Microbiological testing
  • Antibiotic residue
  • Sampling and sensory analysis
  • Risk-based programs
  • Independent laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025 accredited worldwide)

What About Processes?

We don’t just look at what you buy or sell. We improve how you do it.

  • Container loading inspection to verify that product loading fits exact specifications, including seal verification
  • Container sanitation and temperature monitoring
  • Data and reporting systems that cut supply-chain risk and improve productivity management through performance and specification monitoring
  • Real-time, two-way monitoring to increase efficiency using NSF’s EyeSucceed smartglass (inspection, training, demonstrations)
  • On-site physical evaluations to verify product specifications before shipping

Gain Confidence Through Seafood Product Evaluation and Testing

Our science-based third-party services include:

  • Raw material inspection: At any point in the supply chain—from immediately after catch or removal from farms, to production and storage, to retail verification—we can ensure all raw materials comply with your specifications to help you identify quality issues and improve product marketability.
  • Container loading inspection: We provide oversight and verification of container shipments to ensure your product is loaded according to your exact specifications. We inspect the sanitation of the shipping container and check the temperature of the product before and during loading and of the container before loading. Finally, we verify the seal once the container is closed.
  • Data and reporting: Our NSF system for data and reporting allows us to effectively monitor and evaluate supplier performance and product specifications, mitigating supply chain risk and improving productivity management.
  • Livestream monitoring: We can help you improve efficiency with real-time, two-way communication via our EyeSucceed smartglass livestreaming for inspections, training and demonstrations.
  • On-site physical evaluation: On-site product evaluation assures product is produced to specification and meets quality standards before shipping.
  • Sampling and testing using independent laboratories: NSF contracts with ISO/IEC 17025 accredited labs globally, collects and ships samples as needed for microbial, chemical, antibiotic residual and DNA speciation testing to client specifications.

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