Coaching and Mentoring Services for New Pharma People

Assess the leadership capabilities within your staff and support direct reports in their career development with NSF's coaching and mentoring services.
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Our industry experts provide new insights, strategies, experiences and training resources to pharmaceutical teams across the globe. We maximize team contributions, shift organizational cultures and perform independent reviews of your organization as part of a wider business review.

Coaching and Mentoring

NSF has decades of experience coaching new pharmaceutical leaders. We offer a range of highly interactive training programs, including eLearning, as well as one-on-one guidance.

Our coaching and mentoring services include:

  • Conducting internal and external specialist interviews for potential new starters
  • Generating and reviewing business continuity plans
  • Mentoring department heads
  • Providing one-on-one coaching for new starters in management and leadership roles
  • Developing training plans for all tier 1-3 managers and critical position holders
  • Helping team members transfer into new roles
  • Providing soft skills training, including resilience, crisis management and critical thinking training

Organizational Review

With an independent, data-driven approach, NSF adds significant value to your organizational reviews and due diligence activities.

Our executive management team and expert consultants conduct due diligence audits of pharmaceutical, biologics and biotech companies, from start-ups to multisite companies. These services drive effective decision making and support acquisitions and investments for our clients that include law firms, venture capital and investment firms and industry partners.

Assess products and companies in all stages of development to commercial production. We cover all aspects of regulatory compliance and provide sound, scientifically-based advice to potential investors and purchasers.

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To ensure impartiality, use of NSF management systems consulting services or attending NSF training sessions does not provide an advantage, nor is it linked in any way to the granting of certification.