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Case Study: NSF-ISR Certifies Westside Finishing Company, Inc. to ISO 9001 During a Pandemic

To maintain its ISO 9001 certification, Westside Finishing Company, Inc. needed to conduct a compliant recertification audit during a pandemic. The audit process needed to allow the auditor to easily interview employees working on a noisy shop floor and those working in the office as well as remotely.

Westside Finishing Company, Inc. specializes in powder coating and silk-screening, serving a wide range of sheet metal fabricators, machine shops, ornamental iron workers and other organizations that manufacture metal products. Westside Finishing has been ISO 9001 certified by NSF International Strategic Registrations (NSF-ISR) for over 15 years, but needed a remote audit to qualify for recertification.


After discussing whether to delay the recertification audit, Westside Finishing Company decided the new NSF-ISR remote audit option would ensure there was enough time to conduct the necessary post-audit follow-up and would allow maintaining its certification status. Utilizing a client-selected video conferencing platform enabled document sharing, video interviews with employees and an overall seamless remote audit experience.


NSF-ISR completed a successful remote ISO 9001 recertification audit, which allowed Westside to continue to be quickly vetted by new prospects and clients during these times of continuous change and flux. Throughout its certification process with NSF-ISR, Westside Finishing Company Inc. has distinguished its quality management system as a catalyst for increasing continuous improvement opportunities, which has led to improved processes, efficiencies and service quality.

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