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Expert Food Safety Insights Shared in “Future of Food” Series

Explore today’s innovations in food and what they mean for your business.

The food industry may be ever-changing, but recent years have brought more change and innovation than ever before. Manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and consumers around the world look to NSF, a leading global public health and safety organization, for insights on these trends and how they impact the industry.

“Future of Food” is a new series that explores today’s top trends in food, featuring the expertise of leaders in NSF’s Global Food Division. This series shares insights on how these trends came to be and what they mean for businesses.

A recent study conducted by Fitch Solutions for NSF shows that “over 50% of households say they now regularly eat plant-based meat or fish.” The first expert commentary, “Focus on Plant-Based Products,” examines the widespread growth of plant-based alternatives.

“The highly competitive plant-based landscape has brands around the world fighting for shelf space, with innovation playing a crucial role in differentiating products and responding to consumer demand,” said AJ McCardell, Senior Managing Director of Product Certification in NSF’s Global Food Division. “This first installment in ‘Future of Food’ breaks down what this means for manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. In future reports, we’ll dive into other top-of-mind topics, including meal kits, upcycled foods, and more.”

Here are a few of the key topics featured in “Focus on Plant-Based Products”:

Global Consumer Survey Insights

Consumers are seeking healthier lifestyles; expect demand for plant-based foods to increase.

Standards and Certification Landscape

The definition of plant-based foods has evolved. As this category becomes more mainstream, standards organizations are responding.

Top Challenges and Trends

How brands face the challenges of replicating taste, texture, and mouthfeel in meat substitutes and other plant-based alternatives.

Impacts of Lockdowns

Amid the increased demand for plant-based options, manufacturers have been forced to navigate supply chain disruptions.

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