July 2023

· 5 min read

Why Food Safety Is Key for Grocery Success

From Fresh Food to Fresh Profits: A Guide for retail food safety professionals
Shopping cart with food groceries 121555594 - From fresh food to fresh profits: A Guide for retail food safety professionals | NSF

Retail Grocery in the US is changing fast. In the wake of an unstable economic outlook, a turn towards ethical and organic produce, and greater desire for digital experiences, consumers are becoming far more critical about where they shop, whether that’s connected to the cost of goods, or how an organization operates sustainably.

Amid these powerful market forces, it’s critical that retailers renew their focus on prioritizing food safety management to remain competitive, compliant and profitable. Being trusted by consumers to deliver safe, high quality produce is no small thing – and it’s instrumental in retail brand protection.

NSF experts Phillip Pierce, Senior Director of Global Audit Delivery, and Christine Andrews, Senior Manager, Retail North America share their insights on best practice in food safety and hygiene management. They explore the value of food safety training, store audits, grocery checklists and the importance of building a good food safety culture.