June 2021

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Long-Awaited Legionellosis Prevention Standard Published in Brazil

An important industry standard, six years in the making, was published by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) to support the prevention of legionellosis.
Tall buildings - Long-Awaited Legionellosis Prevention Standard Published in Brazil | NSF

The standard, ABNT NBR 16824: Building water systems – Legionellosis prevention – General principles and guidance, provides consistent, science-based risk management methods and practices for preventing legionellosis associated with public building water systems in industrial, commercial, public, service and residential buildings.

The scope of the standard includes development, design, construction, installation, management, operation and maintenance of buildings.

Multiple experts provided input and guidance on best practices to create this standard, including two NSF staff members:

  • Marcos Bensoussan, Managing Director of Water Programs for Latin America
  • Fernando Fonseca, Technical Operations Manager of Building Water Health in Latin America

Want to ensure your building follows best practices? Our building water health experts can create water safety plans and conduct Legionella risk assessments that align with all guidance in this standard.

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