April 2022

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NSF/ANSI Standard 14 – 2021

NSF/ANSI Standard 14 – 2021 has been published. For PDF copies, go to NSF Connect or contact your account manager.

Publish Date: April 2022

All changes reflect existing practice and are effective immediately.

This Version of NSF/ANSI Standard 14 Has the Following Changes

Issue 111

This revision modifies language regarding IV of resins in Section 5.3.

Issue 112

This revision updates Table 9.6: ABS pipe testing frequency.

Issue 113

This revision updates Table 9.11a: PEX, PE-RT, PE-water, PE-storm sewer pipe and tubing test frequency.

Issue 114

This revision updates Table 9.11b: PE-gas pipe and fitting test frequency.

Issue 115

This revision updates Table 9.30: PVC and PVCO pipe and fittings for underground fire service test frequency.

Issue 116

This revision updates Table 9.35: Geothermal pipe and fittings frequency.

Issue 117

This revision updates Table 9.12: Fittings for PE and PEX tubing test frequency.

Issue 118

This revision updates Table 9.21: PP pipe and fittings test frequency.

Issue 120

This revision removes lines from the QC tables that no longer have values (Table 9.7: ABS fitting test frequency, Table 9.12: Fittings for PE and PEX tubing test frequency, and Table 9.37: Corrugated polyethylene pipe and fittings for non-pressure storm sewer, land drainage and sanitary sewer applications).

Issue 121

This revision updates Table 9.13: PVC pipe test frequency.

Issue 122

This revision updates normative references in Section 2.

Issue 123

This revision updates language regarding calibration/verification of in-line measurement devices in Section 9.4.1.

Issue 124

This revision clarifies language regarding “monitoring” in Sections 5.6, 7.4, 8.2.2 and 8.3.2.