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Seafood Expo North America 2023: Fresh Insights Into the Global Supply Chain

See how NSF made our mark at Seafood Expo North America/Seafood Processing North America, March 12–14 in Boston, Massachusetts.

More than 16,000 people from around the world attended the 41st North America Seafood Expo, the largest seafood event in North America. With the global recovery still going on, and challenges like the international supply chain, inflation and climate change, attendees were looking for ways to strengthen their businesses and their brands. We joined more than 1,000 other exhibiting companies from 49 countries in showcasing essential support and innovative ideas for seafood buyers and suppliers in every market category – retail, restaurant, catering, foodservice and processing.

“Compared to last year’s show, the first since the pandemic began and which was lightly attended, we were back in business. Crowded aisles, vibrant atmosphere — it was great to be back.”

Brad Smith
Senior Business Development Manager

Focus on Core Certifications and Schemes

Whether for wild-caught or farmed seafood, our wide range of seafood certifications, including MSC (Marine Stewardship Council), enables suppliers to independently verify sustainable sourcing, supply integrity, labeling accuracy and more. Attendees also showed interest in our certifications for food safety and quality, such as BRCGS Global Standards, Safe Quality Food (SQF), and other Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized schemes. We were the only Certification Body at the event, giving us a unique opportunity to tell our story.

Sustainability Stronger Than Ever

The word, the concept, the expectation was everywhere. And sustainable seafood is one of the most environmentally efficient sources of protein on the planet. Many seafood providers at the show, from fishermen working out at sea to fish farming companies, had questions about what the growing demand for sustainability means for them.

“It was great to see more Latin American companies exhibiting this year, looking to expand their business and bring new technologies to their countries.”

Andrea Zaror Saieh
Senior Territory Executive, Food Sales

Supplier Assurance Matters

With increasing challenges to staying competitive and compliant with regulations, suppliers know the benefits of independent, science-based verification. Attendees wanted to know more about our Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) services for seafood, as well as our seafood product evaluations. The latter cut fraud and quality risks across the supply chain, helping protect a supplier’s brand.

“Seafood processing and packaging equipment filled the aisles, and that means opportunity for certifications. I personally talked to three engineers developing new equipment.”

Tom White
Manager, Supply Chain Food Safety

Taking the Lead in Social Responsibility

Many attendees wanted to know more about our social accountability audits and services. Consistent with the overall interest in transparency at the show – such as traceability in the supply chain – labor practices are getting a closer look. Social audits help demonstrate responsible practices and ensure transparency in the supply chain.

“Walking around, we saw stand after stand displaying our “Certified by NSF” placards. And many conversations began when people spotted our NSF badges. It was great to see that happen.”

Dale Newitt
Global Head of Seafood

Look for our seafood experts at future events, with solutions to help buyers and suppliers navigate regulations and stay competitive in shifting markets.

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