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Symposium on COVID-19 With Detroit’s Cultural Center

NSF recently collaborated with the Cultural Center Planning Initiative to host a half-day symposium on COVID-19. The symposium featured experts from across the state of Michigan and globally discussing local and international impacts of COVID-19 on business and cultural institutions.

A variety of presentations, updates and panel discussions were held during the COVID-19 symposium. Whether you work in a Michigan-based organization, are responsible for employee or customer safety, or are a regulator in another region looking for best-practices to model, the symposium recordings below feature expert advice applicable to all.

Scientific Update on COVID-19: Hazard & Control

Dr. Ruby Lee, Senior Microbiologist and Senior Food Safety Specialist, NSF

NSF’s Dr. Ruby Lee provides an update on the latest scientific understanding of the virus, including risks of close contact, aerosol spread, asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic transmission, and surface contact. Dr. Lee also reviews controls for these risks, the latest knowledge of long-term effects, and the status of treatments and vaccines.

State of Michigan COVID-19 Update

Sean Egan, Deputy Director, Labor, State of Michigan

Sean Egan reviews the status of the pandemic in the state of Michigan, including rules about face coverings, remote work, quarantine and isolation, as well as the education-focused MIOSHA Ambassador Program.

10 Thoughts About the Post-Pandemic Future of Museums

Elizabeth Merritt, Vice President, Strategic Foresight and Founding Director, Center for the Future of Museums

Museums and cultural institutions face a number of challenges during the pandemic. Elizabeth Merritt, of the Center for the Future of Museums, shares 10 strategies about the post-pandemic future of museums and ways that these cultural institutions can leverage disruption to create a sustainable business model and future.

A Global Perspective on COVID-19

Werner Linders, Global Director, Checked by NSF, NSF

NSF’s Werner Linders, based in Belgium, provides a global perspective on the impacts of the virus and an overview of the toolbox that governments can leverage to fight the pandemic, including the balance between the economy, public health and individual freedoms.

Panel Conversation | Managing Pandemic Fatigue: Best Practices in Keeping Employees and Guests Engaged and Committed

Moderated by Paul Medeiros, Managing Director, Consulting and Technical Services, North America, NSF

Paul Medeiros moderates a diverse set of panelists in discussing growing pandemic fatigue and a set of best practices for keeping employees and guests engaged and committed in implementing pandemic-safe protocols. Panelists include:

  • John Anderson, COO, Michigan Science Center
  • Michael A. Bruggeman, CPP, Sr. Director, Facilities, Event Operations & Campus Safety, College for Creative Studies
  • Patricia Walker, Chief Administrative Officer, Michigan Opera Theatre
  • MaryAnn Wilkinson, Executive Director, The Scarab Club

City of Detroit COVID-19 Update

Dr. Robert Dunne, M.D., COVID-19 Chief Medical Consultant, City of Detroit

Dr. Dunne provides an inside view of the impacts of COVID-19 as an emergency medicine physician in Detroit, Michigan. He is currently the vice chief of emergency medicine at St. John Hospital and Medical Center in Detroit.

Full Symposium

The full-length symposium is available for viewing as well.

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